OFFLINE körper online

© Willem Stapel

OFFLINE körper ONLINE - Trailer

Kamera: Quinka Stoehr | Prod.: Fredo Wulf 2018

"Kinesphere 1'" by Ymer Marinus


OFFLINE körper ONLINE is a structured improvisation between four performers. Klee is the only body present in the space that is writing, talking and moving in a hyper digital environment. Merle is absent yet visually present in the space through a muted Skype conversation. They attempt a futuristic pas-de-deux searching for truthful non-analog connections. Mischke is only present as a voice, he sees and hears everything yet remains invisible. He comments, directs and narrates performed actions. Mitsuku is the forth performer. It is an open source chatbot with artificial intelligence that is so humanlike that the spectators often mistaken the written conversations between Klee and Mitsuku as human to human interaction. 


The gallery space becomes a laboratory in which Klee reacts and acts. It switches constantly. One atmosphere being a dystopian digital overstimulation, where the in-ability to separate the human from the non-human leaves the spectator with the notion of helplessness. The other being a very harmonic living room, in which the 26-year-old communicates effortlessly with the digital world that surrounds him. OFFLINE körper ONLINE won the art price of the city of Neumünster 2018.


15 June – 17 July 2018 Bürgergalerie Neumünster, DE

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"Kinesphere 2'" by Willem Stapel