[not] now

© Sabine Soyka

© Sabine Soyka

[not] now - Rehearsal Trailer

Merle, Mischke and Klee fill the empty space with colourful tape lines according to a set of rules which are listed on the wall for the spectator to discover. The rules influence the shape of the never-finished drawing. They work calmly and quietly, take decisions in the moment and negotiate the space in between them. The taping is interrupted by short scenes of text and movement in which the perception of time is distorted by constantly speeding up or slowing down. By playing with the text of a guided meditation the performers lure the spectators into the present moment, making them aware of their own body as they watch the performers bend, twist and turn repetitively. All performative actions leave the audience with a stretched or compressed sense of time. The fact that [not] now is an ephemeral performance in fine arts contexts enhances the perception of time.


Björn Schmidt is a graphic designer and developed the slit-scan technology which distorts the bodies that are at work. Captured by a camera, the live performance feeds into www.notnow.live which eventually becomes a digital translation of the installation, constantly updating to the present moment as well. As the website is projected at the entrance of the museum, it also indicates whether the installation is active or not.


16 – 30 August 2019     Stadtgalerie Kiel, DE

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Dr Hans Hoch Stiftung

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